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Ross – @rossic89

Another win for Liverpool and another reason to be happy on a Saturday night. We are blessed with this side, we are so lucky that even when we aren’t playing our best, when teams park the bus we still come out on top. Anyway here are some of my takeaways from the game.

Heung Min Son frightens the life out of me. 

I’ve said this for a while, he’s Spurs best player. By a long way. Forget Mbappe, Sancho and whoever is on the transfer bullshit list. Go and get this fella. There are many players in the Premier League who are blessed with blistering pace, Traore. There are many players in the Premier League blessed with natural or high quality finishing, Aguero. But rarely do you get both. Alright, he didn’t score today which doesn’t really help my point but he was up against Joe and Virg.

Bit like Mané really, so unpredictable, drives at a defence and can create something from nothing.


Just buy him.


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Record breakers. Again.

Add the below tweet to the list. The very, very, very long list this side is stringing together. We lost 4-1 at Spurs two years ago. Look how far we have come. We should thank them really, or Dejan for losing his head. But we won’t. Just live in this moment and appreciate how good we are.

Alisson Appreciation.

We have been here before, lots of times. I was just blown away by a few things. First of all just how far he comes off his line, how quick he is, what he then chooses to do with it, how composed he is and then the realisation that I’m fine with all of it.

Go back two years and the thought of a corner for the opposition would leave me watching he game through my hands and now we have this mad bastard running 40 yards to karate kick it away from an oncoming entourage of Spurs players and I’ve got my feet up. Jurgen and these world class players haven’t just improved their own mentality, they’ve done it to the fans too.

The sign of a world class ‘keeper is someone who doesn’t have that much to do but is assured when they are tasked with something as soon as they are required.

Alisson is very much world class. But we already knew that.

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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