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Ross – @rossic89

HAHAHA we won a game of footy. Remember this feeling? Might not sleep tonight.

A rollercoaster of emotions tonight; fuming/annoyed with Fabinho being injured. The high of nearly scoring, then immediately conceding for it to be disallowed. Then scoring, then Matip going off. Fucking mad when you think about it.

But here we are.

So many good performances all over tonight, a reminder how good this Liverpool side is, how many quality players are in there and despite the bad news we can overcome it.

For the love of God Liverpool, make this count, let this be the platform, let it be Spurs away again that springboards us into a decent run.

Remember, these ratings are just opinions. They in no way have any effect on your life. Don’t get angry. Just let me know yours in the comments below. 

Alisson – 7

Couldn’t do fuck all about that Hojbjerg thunder-bastard to be fair to him. Will have been annoyed to be beaten at his near post for the Son one, but it was offside anyway so who gives a fuck. Only positive vibes here tonight ladies and gentleman.

Trent – 10

OH MY FUCKING GOD. Where has that performance been. Lashed the ball into the net with such power and venom, a wonderful finish and to top it all off he got an assist for Sadio too. He seemed to have much more space in the game tonight and the desire, the intent from him and everyone else was fucking superb.

Hendo – 9

Phenomenal, he deserves so much credit for tonight, not just defensively but that pass for the first goal set the tone. That vision, that quality of pass paired with his defensive work was a joy to watch. Which is useful really as he’ll probably be playing CB again this weekend.

Matip – 6

Some really good tackles and interceptions from Matip…..in the first half.

Robbo – 7.5

Robbo has been one of our most consistent performers this season and he showed it again tonight. Just another solid show both offensively and defensively. Lovely link up play with Mane, forever an option and because of how Spurs set up he constantly had bags of space.

Gini – 9

Protective in between the lines, controlled the play and remained calm. Much calmer than me. Did the dirty work, put out fires, helped out his team mates and contributed to attacks too. Bloody loves a game v Spurs that lad.



Thiago – 7

I adore this lad, his passing is basically porn, his awareness and vision are beyond exceptional, he showed this time and time again tonight. Wish he’d stop with the slideys though, I mean I love a slidey, but not 70 yards from goal. Like I said, positive vibes only, we fucking won.

Milner – 9

Possibly MOTM for me, there’s a few with a shout. Similar to Gini in that he brought calmness and composure, we dominated the middle of the park in the first half and on a few occasions Milner made runs into the box, only not to be picked out. He had 4 key passes in that game too, creative eh?

Salah – 9

Fuck it, I’m giving him that goal, it fucking deserved it. What a load of shite that was, ignoring Dier trying grapple Bobby like they were on Gladiators. Anyway, much better from Mo; movement and link up play exceptional again. You can see he is still confident and has that belief in himself. Joking aside, the goal was ruled out, which will make him determined to score on Sunday.

Bobby – 10

BOBBY FUCKING FIRMINO. The touch, the dropping deep, bringing others into play, the little flicks, cute passes, a fucking goal for fucks sake. BOBBY IS BACK.

Mané – 9

Could have bagged a hat-trick in the first half but it’s a huge sign of his character once again that he just doesn’t give up, right until the whistle. Going in at HT 1-0 was huge and it was all down to Sadio’s graft.

Phillips – 7

Came on, got booked and then was pretty sound.

Jones –

Late sub

Divock – N/A

Late, late sub

Ross – @rossic89

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