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Si and Tom are here with this week’s FREE Bonus Q&A, where the questions are:

Adam Boland‏ Make a liverpool XI of captains! Whether they captained Liverpool or their country! Only rule is they had to have been captain for at least 5 games!

Paul James If you could create a new holiday, who would it honour or who/what would it represent?

I’d make one in the summer just so when it’s hot you have at least one day you don’t need to go into work or even the 25th of May as a holiday for Liverpool fans only.

Christopher Jackson You’re making a horror movie, a spine chilling who dunnit. A Machin/Pajak production. the Liverpool squad is your cast;

Whose the killer?

Whose the hero?

Who dies first?

Bailey Shaw – Top 3 Bands, Top 3 Movies

Andreas P G Sävland With our upcoming tight game schedule in December and early January in mind, which player in our starting XI would you NOT want to rotate?

For me, the answer would be Van Dijk. I believe Lovren and Matip are great backup/partners. But with the 6 week long absense of our second best cb Gomez, I think VVD needs to play as many minutes as possible.

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