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Article by Jack Gill 

The transfer window has been a quiet one for Liverpool so far, despite the European Champions being linked with absolutely everybody as agents and clubs use Liverpool Football club to raise fees and price tags.

Last week, Sepp Van Den Berg became our first signing of the window. Whilst clearly, the 17-year-old is one for the future and will spend the majority of next season in the youth side at LFC. Nonetheless, Van Den Berg was unveiled like a first team player which may pose the matter that it may be a quiet transfer window from the Reds, something that causes annoyance to some LFC fans.

Last year was an outstanding season for Liverpool Football Club who won their sixth European Cup in Madrid and recorded the club’s highest ever points tally in the league but unfortunately missed out on the title beaten by two points by an also very good Pep Guardiola Manchester City side but the lack of a major summer signing so far has caused some panic for a small period of LFC supporters.

But here’s why you shouldn’t panic…

It’s the start of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sick of hearing things like David, 43 from Southport thinks Liverpool are falling behind now because Klopp hasn’t signed Mbappe yet and he thinks Klopp should sign Mbappe because a player like that will ensure we win the league next season. Sigh. Don’t be like David. Klopp just won us the European Cup. It’s the same squad and Klopp will add additions but he doesn’t NEED to. We don’t need a Dembele, a De Ligt, a Bruno Fernandes just because people like ‘David’ want them, additions are purely a luxury. With success people get greedy and some supporters are getting greedy and will always want more but in life you can’t always please everyone. At the end of the day, we got 97 points, we won the European Cup so people need to calm down and enjoy their summer holidays…

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Anyway, mini rant over as I can feel my fist clenching like that ‘Arthur’ meme at my desk while I write this. Instead of getting angry, I’m going to attempt to calm everyone down with reasons why I believe we are being quiet so far in the transfer window so far and hopefully that will lower the constant replies to every @LFC tweet saying ‘Sign somebody please,’ and therefore calm me down in the process.

Firstly, it’s the start of July. Still a month till our first game of the season and over a month till our first Premier League game of the season so there’s no need to rush. Last season was unbelievable and the players and staff definitely deserved a long break. We have only sold Sturridge (free), Moreno (free) and Camacho (£5m) and aren’t in need of too many additions this summer as it seems we are going to keep hold of most of our Champions league winning squad.

There is also the matter of the fact that Klopp will use the start of the season to assess the likes of Harry Wilson to see if he’s good enough for our squad next season. Why spend lots of money and buy a versatile forward player if our Jurgen Klopp deems Harry Wilson to be good enough to do the same job? Klopp has every right to bide his time and assess his options this summer before making a move.

I also believe our current squad has already improved over the Summer. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be like a new signing, Naby Keita will hopefully be settled and at his best when he recovers from his injury, Rhian Brewster is a very, very good youngster poised to get his opportunity to make an impression and become a star, players like Joel Matip and Jordan Henderson improved a lot at the end of the season and now give Jurgen Klopp a selection headache. We are most certainly in no need to panic on the first week of July because we haven’t brought anyone yet.

Look at Chelsea for example, they’ve been forced into paying a lot of money and permanently signing Matteo Kovacic, who performed poorly last season because they like breaking the rules and they can’t sign anyone else… we are not in a bad situation at all, especially when you compare us to Chelsea.

Basically, if you don’t trust Jurgen Klopp, you didn’t watch much football last season. Now calm down and enjoy your Summer.

Up the Reds!

Article by Jack Gill 







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