The Latest Injuries Of the EURO 2024 Tournament: How Injuries Can Affect Betting On EURO 2024

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Football games can become thrilling as the plays intensify, but with such intense plays can come player injuries. It’s best to take into account player injuries when engaging in euro 2024 betting. Injuries of key players on EURO 2024 teams can change the trajectory of how matches pan out and how your bets can either win or lose.

The Most Recent Injury Updates

Here’s a review of some of the latest injury updates for EURO 2024.

France: Kylian Mbappe

During the game against Austria, Kylian Mbappe was able to make the opening goal for France. However, he did not leave the game unscathed because he suffered from a broken nose during gameplay. Unfortunately, Mbappe had to sit out of the Netherlands game so that his fractured nose could heal accordingly and not undergo further injury.

It is projected from prior reports that Mbappe may not be able to get back on the field until another couple of weeks, which will be when the quarter finals start. It is not clear yet as to whether he will get back on the field before this 15-day period or not, but if he does, he will have to wear a mask to protect his face from further injury.

Germany: Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich unfortunately missed the opening games of EURO 2024 with the German team because of a shoulder injury that put him out for 13 days. Rumors have been circulating about Kimmich leaving Bayern with his contract about to expire in summer of 2025. However, the rumors have been circulating because he is one of the top grossing players on Bayern and need a way to reduce how much they are paying out in wages.

Spain: Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is the defender for Spain’s national team. He had to miss three games pertaining to EURO 2024 over the course of a 10-day injury recovery due to thigh problems. At the age of 38, his playing ability is not as proficient as it used to be in his youth. Unfortunately, Spain did not extend Ramos’ contract.

England: Harry Kane

Harry Kane is the captain of England’s national team and also a key player because of his striking abilities. He sustained a back injury before EURO 2024 began. He was unable to participate in the remaining two matchups for Bundesliga for the Bayern Munich team, but he was able to start EURO 2024 strong after healing up.

How Injuries Can Affect Betting Activities for EURO 2024

Any injuries, especially with star players involved, can affect overall betting activities. If you place futures bet on a specific player being the first goalscorer of the game and they sustain an injury before they are able to possibly score the first goal, this can cause you to lose out on the bet. This is why it’s best to do in-play betting so you can make the most informed betting decision based on the most recent updates throughout the game.

Let’s evaluate how injuries can affect betting activities throughout this tournament.

Team Performance and Tactics

When a player gets injured, the coach has to refine the starting lineup and overall gameplay tactics accordingly to help it align with their play strategy and the strengths of substitute players. For example, if a key striker is injured, the coach may have the team to implore a more defensive tactic for gameplay.

Player Prop Bets

If you are betting on a specific player that ends up getting injured, then this will change the course of that player prop bet. Before making such a bet, evaluate the player’s physical fitness to make the bet accordingly.

Odds and Value Bets

The odds of certain bets panning out after a player injury can change. While odds may go down for that team’s potential victory, you may think that with other historical data and other research conducted that they could come out on top regardless.

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