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Paul and Ste are joined by playwright Nicky Allt for the podcast this week! They’ll discuss the fallout from Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Fulham and how likely it is that Liverpool could jump back into the market, given their situation with injuries!


  • Question: Trent has won all that there is to win, he’s even got a Premier league and club world cup, 2 trophies that Stevie never got, could Trent start being classed as the greatest scouser to play for Liverpool? Or if not how many more trophies? And which ones does he need to earn? – Richard G (Club Legend)


  • Liverpool were crap, it was good that the manager recognised this, but also that shouldn’t be a surprise- they know what they are doing.
  • The dry pitch stuff, the manager does himself no favours with stuff like that, but it was an absolutely nothing comment- the problem is Liverpool and Jurgen are huge, everything is social numbers.
  • If Hendo’s goal goes in, i’m not sure we’re having any of these conversations.
  • The Paddy Power advert.
  • YNWA: Let’s Talk About 6… Baby, is back on at the Royal Court!
  • THE MIDFIELD: A look at the current depth, injury situation.
  • Three weeks left of the transfer market- Liverpool won’t jump into a purchase just for the sake of it, but…
  • Man United being wank took the edge off Saturday.

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