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Paul and Chris are back with another episode of the podcast! This week they discuss Daniel Sturridge’s future, their Frankenstein Liverpool player, their favourite youtube videos, the main stand incident from the weekend and much, much more!



You make a frankenstein footballer out of different parts of #LFC players, (e.g. Mo’s legs, Bobby’s teeth) How does your player turn out?


  • TOPIC: The Future Of Daniel Sturridge

Rishabh Singh? @ohhhyoubeautyy

If Southampton ask for Sturridge in an exchange deal for Van Dijk in January, would you take it?


Pavao Blaževi?? @haipdd

Where would you go if u were Studg, and which club is the right choice for him?


Kevin Murphy With news of Sturridge supposedly wanting to leave for more game time will that force our hand to bring in a ready made striker or allow Klopp to promote the likes of Brewster from within knowing that his style of play lends to the Firminos and Lallanas?



red_or_dead_1892? @redordead_1892

What do you make of the incident in the main stand last weekend. Absolutely appalling from the stewards….


Mike Nicosia What is your go to YouTube video to watch to cheer yourself up? Any of the following are acceptable – Istanbul, Dortmund or compilation of angry arsenalfantv rants


Kenny? @KWarren96

Butter and jam or just jam?


Lfc_Talk_Podcast? @lfc_talk_pod

Is there too many season ticket holders or not enough what can be done to improve atmosphere o and who is finest Liverpool wag

Mike Nicosia How short does hair have to be considered a shaved head? For example. Tom Dutton’s does not count as shaved.

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