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Paul and Chris are here with the podcast! This week they discuss the disappointing result against Swansea on Monday, they talk through some of the more recent Liverpool news, discuss whether they would want top 4 or the FA Cup and much, much more!     Kick Off: WavyBone??? @sourlyfe If you were a manager would you go trackies, full suit or something else?   News In Brief: Markovic is wanted by Spartak Moscow (Echo) and Aston Villa (Football Whispers) Wenger has a dig at how the press like Liverpool more than Arsenal Porto are charging Liverpool fans £66.50 for away tickets. Home fans just £22. Mascherano leaving Barca for Hebei China Fortune (Won 4 x La Liga, 2 x UCL in 8 years). All the best.   TOPIC 1: TYPICAL LIVERPOOL BEATING CITY THEN LOSING TO SWANSEA IS TYPICAL LIVERPOOL   TOPIC 2: Top 4 or The FA Cup? @VintageVirgil_ Would you rather we get top 4 or win the FA cup? Probably a bit fatalistic to say we can’t have both? We defo need silverware, but at what cost? West Brom will be a tough game.   QUESTIONS: Quinton Jansen??? @Quinton_Jansen Last we had a bad run this period as well. Is this a becoming a norm? Was there sufficient changes /players brought upon to break the cycle.   TripleBSS??? @FriskyFirmino What do you watch more Television, or YouTube?
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