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Paul and Chris give their thoughts on the teams around Liverpool in the Premier League, after The Reds drew with Spurs and Chelsea dropped even more points in a shock 4-1 defeat to Watford!


Kick Off: Lee Carter� @LeeCarterLive
Imagine there were teams of continents instead of countrys
Europe vs South America
Chris is manager of South America & Paul is manager of Europe (swap if you like)
First 11 for both your teams? what formation? And whos team would win?


News In Brief:
Lallana sent off for u23’s
Liverpool fans apparently behind Dele Alli sex tape leak
Reds sign Anderson Arroyo from Fortelaza goes straight to Mallorca on loan
More news and transfer discussion including Alisson and Demirbay on Reds News Roundup

TOPIC 1: The League table is shaping up nicely
Still 2 points ahead of Spurs
Reds stay 3rd after Chelsea defeat to Watford

TOPIC 2: Would a winter break help Liverpool/England?
Talk of a January break being introduced as part of next TV right deal.

FirminosAFuckinNinja� @BobyNeedsASong
I literally just signed up for twitter to say this . Firmino deserves a proper song by now. He’s our number 9, he scores boss goals and he’s just amazing all around. might be our best all around footballer too. I mean we can do better than the standard “bobby firmino” chant

Mike Holt� @Mike_LFC96
What are your thoughts on the ticket investigators LFC have hired to help cut out touting?

Ethangolding� @The_Idiot_Kid
Hi guys, Ethan here, long time listener first time tweeter.
If you could take the essential body part of a celebrity (singer’s voice, musician’s hands, footballer’s feet etc) and obtain their talent (Philip J Fry x Robot Devil Style), whose would you take and why?

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