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Hello the World Wide Web, how are we?

Very much living in that weird off season cycle at the moment, bit like those few days between Christmas and New Year where you’ve no idea what day it is, what you’re supposed to be going and you’ve lost all hope of any structure of your life.

That’s right ladies and gentleman, welcome to the silly season. The season of link after link, quote after quote, lots of copy and paste jobs [@source] and above all, loads of bullshit.

It might be an age thing, possibly even a generational thing, pretty sure they are the same, but I cannot fathom how invested people get into transfers, or shockingly, how angry people can get over something they have no control over or something which they didn’t have in their lives before.

Like I said, it could be an age thing. I’m 32, I grew up reading stories (bullshit) in newspapers and naively, I believed it at the time. Now we’re seeing a supersized version of that, bullshit on steroids. Mega-bullshit if you will. And like me when I was younger, I’m now seeing people falling for the same tripe day after day. 

‘Liverpool are interested in X player’ 

And? What does that mean?! 

Well not a lot.

I’m interested in Margot Robbie pal, doesn’t mean anything.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out the transfer bullshit algorithm. Simply look at a team, have a look where they might strengthen and then link a good player in that position. If that fails just recycle the Salah contract situation, that’ll get clicks without any updates.

So why do people get so invested?  

Listen, I’m not captain miserable. Although people who know me may disagree. 

We all love a new signing, a rejuvenation of our squad, something to get us all excited and something which shows we’re happy to strengthen and evolve. Darwin pun not intentional. 

Some of us just like to wade through all the bullshit. Can’t be arsed with the ‘will we, won’t we’ for days, weeks and months on end.

That’s partly why I like most of Liverpool’s business; linked with a player from reputable sources in the morning, news of a medical and everything else being done in the afternoon and signed within the next few days. 

Of course we at Redmen TV and you guys at home like the discussion of players too, I can’t tell you how much I spoke about Timo Werner; where will he fit in, what can we expect etc…only for him not to sign. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Life can be unfair, you don’t always get what you want and I’m perfectly fine with that.

And I’m guilty of doing this on our social channels too. If Liverpool have a strong link with a player, I’ll ask you for your opinion, that’s part and parcel of my job. And the majority of replies are sensible and something I can have a discussion with. Others not so much.

Did I want Aurélien Tchouaméni? Yep. 

Am I going to lose my mind and be angry at people on the internet I don’t know? Nah you’re alright thanks.

That’s something else I don’t think I’ll ever get my head around. How can supporters of the same club continually argue, abuse and fallout with each other over something like a transfer? And that’s not just a Liverpool thing by the way, I’m sure it happens with most football clubs, possibly non football entities too.

I partly know the answer to this. Social media is full of people who haven’t grasped the concept of being sociable. Madness. 

For Liverpool fans, we all want the same thing, we want our club to be successful, the best, to win everything that is possible. Just because we have different ideas of how we get there doesn’t mean any scenario is wrong. Let me play this out in two scenarios and let me know which one you think is better. 

Scenario 1

Person 1: “I think Curtis Jones will improve this season and I look forward to seeing him get some more game time, however, if there was a chance at also bringing in a quality midfielder I’d be happy with that too.”

Person 2 “Fair enough, I’m not sure he’ll cut it at the club, I think we should go all out this summer for a quality midfielder.”

Scenario 2

Person 1 “I quite like Curtis Jones, I think he’s got some potential.”

Person 2 “You’re settling for mediocrity, he’s shite. Bin him off. We need to spend.”

We can all agree to disagree can’t we?

I’m aware I’m not going to solve football Twitter here, nor do I intend to unite top and bottom reds, whatever the fuck they are. 

Same goes for the people that use the term ‘Horrenderson’ – Just say you don’t like him or you aren’t a fan, it’s not difficult. Can’t interact with those people.

The point being, Liverpool may or may not do business and I get some people live for it, but it cannot be healthy to be so invested in it. As mentioned, those people who live for it want Liverpool to improve and do well, get that. There’s probably a fear there too. “Man City have bought someone, we must buy someone too” – all be it, they did buy a class player in Haaland but sod City and their business, stick with us and what we do.

“If we don’t buy X then then season is over before it’s begun”

Well, that’s bollocks isn’t it? You don’t know that. And that’s not a conversation. Maybe a should come up with a list of alternative conversations for people to try.

Instead of “If we don’t buy X then then season is over before it’s begun” why not try “I’m not so confident we’ll win the league if we don’t sign X but I respect your opinion.”

Instead of “He’s shite, sell him” why not try “I don’t think he’s good enough, I think we could sell him and reinvest the money.”

Instead of coming up with a list of player OUTS and how much you think we will sell them for along a list of INS of how much you think they will cost like you’ve any fucking idea how any of that works and that you can solve the transfer business of a football club, just don’t. 

Instead of replying to every Liverpool post cryarsing about a signing, move on with your life. Get outside, talk to a human.

Again, that’s not to say it’s forbidden to talk about a player or that nothing is up for discussion. Maybe I am just being a miserable arse, I just see so much shite day in, day out. I see the people obsessing over a rumour, a link and you guessed it, bullshit and it gets quite tiresome to be honest. 

And if you do love a link, rumour or a transfer, this isn’t a criticism of you, so don’t take it personally. It’s just my thoughts. I’m here for the football, I’m here for the fun, the escapism and everything that comes with it. 

This should work both ways, fans shouldn’t be criticised for wanting a signing nor should they have the “it’s not football manager” chat rammed down their throats at every chance. Depending on the chat, I know there are some WILD opinions out there. 

But again, it comes back to how the conversation is approached and if someone says something you really don’t agree with, just move on, you’ll feel so much better. Promise.

There’s far too many people who follow football who, for me, look like they just don’t enjoy any of it.

Best piece of advice I could give you is to stop watching Sky Sports News 24/7, who also report transfer news and rumours, just because “they said on SSN” doesn’t make it true, they are citing it from somewhere else. 

Stop refreshing social media day in day out, you doing so won’t change the outcome of a transfer. 

People have zero patience when it comes to transfers, who I bet haven’t even got this far in the article ironically.

Take the off season to relax and enjoy yourself, the season is long and hard enough. *THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID MEME*

If you’ve got this far, then thanks for reading me moan. Just wanted to get it off my chest to be honest.

Be nice to each other.


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