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Two days after Liverpool’s impressive victory against Manchester City, which saw the Reds end the Premier League leader’s unbeaten record of 30 matches, Anfield is still buzzing. After watching the highlights again, and again, one of the things I was most impressed with is Liverpool’s physicality in the game and how we showed that we were up for the fight. I don’t know if Sunday was to do with the players giving Coutinho a massive middle finger in the face or whether we were just determined to avenge what City did to us earlier in the season, whatever it was, on Sunday it was plain for everyone to see that the Liverpool players simply wanted it more than the City boys. I’ve noticed this aspect creeping into our game for the last couple of weeks, ever since the Leicester game Liverpool has showed a much more physical approach to their matches. We are no longer afraid to get down and dirty and do the ugly side of the game, and actually we’re getting pretty good at it. Last week against Everton, the blue and white shite found this out the hard way when Big Sam tried to raffle up our feathers and it backfired on him big-time. In the past Liverpool teams have been bullied time and time again, when it came to getting down and dirty and rough and ready, we were pushovers, easy to knock off the ball and a little too nice for our own good. The minute that Klopp walk through the door at Anfield this would’ve been one of the things that he knew we had to change and two and a half years down the line we are beginning to see that change in mentality as Liverpool show in recent games we are ready to rough it with the big boys.   For two games in a row now we have seen players that are hated by Liverpool fans having to be substituted because they have lost their heads and are in danger getting sent off. Last week it was Rooney and on Sunday Sterling had to take his place back on the bench before it was too late. Whilst I agree that the fans played a big part in both incidents, it was mainly down to Liverpool’s tackling why both players completely lost it in the Anfield atmosphere. Both Rooney and Sterling couldn’t handle Liverpool’s tough tackling game plan and you have to give Klopp credit for being able to change the way our players are not only playing but also thinking, we are now ready to throw ourselves into tackles when needed. In Sunday’s match especially three of the four goals came as a direct result of us shoving them off the ball and at the end the day you can have all the silky skills you want but if you don’t have a physical side especially in the Premier League you’re going to struggle big-time. I’m really enjoying watching this side of Liverpool???s game and I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops over the coming months. I think Sunday’s result proves that we are defiantly in a fight for second position in the table, and you know what? The players look up for it.   Article by Imraan Adam @imadam786 For more Redmen TV content including podcasts, subscriber exclusives and three new shows every week subscribe now and get your first month for FREE bit.ly/RMTVjoin
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