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Ross – @rossic89

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha fuck offfffffff hahahahahahahaha


No words. Which isn’t really helpful for an article so I’ll have to make something up. 

Not the best game of football. One you’ve seen on repeat loads of times; lots of possession, lots of chances, gritty, shite, boring all except for one thing….


Remember these are just opinions. Don’t worry about it. Make your own minds up. My thoughts don’t mean anything.

Alisson – 10

I mean for the goal alone he deserves it, the winning goal at that. But I can’t remember a time I was taken back by a post match interview like that. In a time when he was hurting, he stood up for us. In one of his darkest moments, he was there for us. And today, when we needed something to cling onto top four hopes he was there again. I’ve honestly nothing but love for this man.

Trent – 9

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember much of that game after the final whistle so I’m going to wing the rest of this haha! Trent was on it today, bombing up and down the wing, putting it on a plate for his team mates and bollocking the officials. Should have had a goal like but who’s arsed. Had no idea it was him with assist. 

Phillips – 9

BIG NAT. Headed everything again, ate players up like they were a snack and he even tracked back! Well in Nat!

Rhys Williams – 8

Listen, he’s a kid, he will make mistakes and he did today. Inexperienced showed and he was caught in two minds. He made the wrong one. Yes we are lucky it didn’t cost us, but lets look at all the good he did. We won. He will learn.

Robertson – 8

Copy and paste from any other week. I call him relentless, because that is exactly what he is. You can never question the effort this lad puts in and the fact he’s always in two places at once. 

Fabinho – 7.5

Not his best game if we’re being honest but by no means shite. Was reduced to shots from range which to be fair isn’t his fault but we were short of ideas. Until we sent Ali up.



Thiago – 10

My word. He was deffo man of the match for us until that goal. So much better further forward; dictates play, he’s calm, makes the right decisions and his experience shines through. Class.

Jones – 7.5

Been wanting him to start for the past few weeks and think he was unlucky to go off. Someone had to go, we needed a change. Love his ability to carry a ball, to drive forward and to make something happen. Just a shame he was up against a team that didn’t fancy playing football. 

Mané – 7

Another frustrating one for him but like Jones it was always going to be, chances were few and far between but it feels like foe 

Salah – 9

Any hint of any talk of this man moving on can get in the bin. That goal. What a finish, what a moment and what a player. Yes he may have a few chances first before he scores but he ALWAYS steps up. Respect the King. 

Bobby – 8

Captain Bobby. 

Had to drop deep to get involved but that’s not his fault, he was to to get away from the bodies. He everything up so well and brought others into play. I’m just happy we’ve recognised that whereas six months ago he’d be ineffective in games like that.

Shaqiri – N/A

I mean he played half an hour but he also passed it to the sidelines near the halfway line for no reason. Go figure.

Gini – N/A

Played about five mins.

Ross – @rossic89


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