What are Liverpool’s Odds at the Premier League?

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The Premier League is more than half-way done, and already people are debating a winner. Many sportsbooks have set up “future odds,” allowing punters to place bets on the champion starting now. Some may have arguments and discussions about who the winner will be. However, it seems that most are agreeing on one team, and one team only: Liverpool!

The Reds’ Current Status

The Reds are currently on top of the Premier League. They have played 23 matches, won 15, and tied in 6. Throughout this entire season, they have only lost twice, elevating them to the impressive status of number one.

One of their latest games was, in fact, a loss. They faced off against Arsenal, which raised all kinds of ears, and drew all kinds of eyes. Punters that enjoy betting live were all there to watch the game and make wagers.

Because both teams are a favorite to make it to the top, there was never a clear underdog. But, the Gunnars showed their stuff, and won the game 3 – 1. On the other hand, the Reds managed to defeat Chelsea in the final days of January, and were on a winning streak until their recent loss.

Liverpool’s Shot at the Premier League

The last time that Liverpool won the Premier League was in 2019-20. All things considered, that wasn’t that long ago, and their victory was overwhelming. In the 2023-24 season, Liverpool is certainly in the lead. They currently hold the top rank, but Manchester City is close on their heel.

As we said, Liverpool has played in 23 matches, and won a solid 15. However, they’ve also tied in six and lost two. Manchester City on the other hand has played in 22 matches, 15 of which, they’ve won. They were one of the six draws that Liverpool played against, and the two clubs will settle the score come 10 March.

Despite Manchester City being close on the Reds’ heels, most bookies and odds makers agree that Liverpool has the best chance at the Premier League title this year around. The odds put them at 25% on average, though the number changes depending on where you look (both for better, and worse).

Liverpool’s Greatest Rivals

As we said, Manchester City are by far Liverpool’s greatest rivals. They are very close in terms of points, they’ve tied during the season, and City were, by far, the favorites to win from the very beginning. It is only through Liverpool’s hard work throughout the season that they’ve rose to the top.

However, Manchester City are not their only rivals. Arsenal is also hungry for a win. The Gunnars were close to taking the title last year, but last-minute fumbles led to them being relegated to second place. This year around, they are coming back with a vengeance, and many Gunnar fans are hoping for a title win.

Regardless, Liverpool’s odds remain at the top. However, we would caution against taking any odds at face value, as it is quite early to tell who will be winning the game just yet.


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