What Does The Future Hold For This Liverpool Side?

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Article by Amy Laurence


Every roller coaster comes to an end. Unfortunately, Liverpool’s rollercoaster of a ride in the Champions League came down crashing and burning last night. However, what does the future hold for this current Liverpool side?

Lets firstly take comfort from the progression this side has made over the course of the season. With new additions such as Salah, Van Dijk and Robertson we hit new strengths and this is something to be proud of. Proud of making it to the final of the Champions League, which in itself is more than any of us could ever dream of. Proud of the unity between our fans and proud to be a part of this Liverpool journey which will definitely continue onwards and upwards no matter how hard dark the path may look now.

These players suffered and unfortunate experience of having what you desire the most be ripped away from you. To think positively – it will light a fire inside these players to work hard and come back next season, stronger and more determined in order to never feel this type of pain again.

Throughout the whole of this Champions League and Premier League campaign, Klopp has been able to figure out what makes this team tick. Everything from here on out is building upon the foundations of a great side. We play a style of football which is like no other and with some new signings in the summer there is only room for improvement. We know Klopp’s character, we know his passion for the club and we all know one day he will achieve that piece of silverware we all so desperately want and need. He has a plan, he has a way and I have full faith that he will deliver.

So amongst the heartbreak of this defeat, we’ve planted our foot firmly in the door of European football. It’s where we belong and where we shall stay. No matter how much i’d love to be sat here writing about the euphoria felt as a consequence of lifting our 6th European Cup – it wasn’t’ meant to be. However, our season this year made our chance of winning the Premier/ Champions league in the future more realistic – which is something to be extremely optimistic about. We have a world beating side on our hand here, lets not forget. We are Liverpool, we are European royalty and we will come back fighting even harder after this devastating loss and mark our place in history once again.

Article by Amy Laurence


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