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Now that we’ve all slept we could probably look at this in a different angle compared to yesterday. Initially anger, confusion and shock clouded my judgement of the whole situation. I, like a lot of people on social media were not even angry at the fact our number one target had slipped through our hands but more concerned on how stupid the club looks.

It is no secret that the club has a transfer ban on signing young English players after ‘tapping up’ a twelve year old school boy at Stoke. So why on earth would we potentially risk getting another one for first team signings? The problem with the current situation is that not all the facts are out yet. People are quick to jump the gun and blame FSG. But did they disclose the fact VVD wanted to join us? I don’t think so. I understand the sentiment of directing anger at them rather than just getting a deal done but I don’t believe they are in the wrong this time. I don’t think they have helped, but not to blame.
Peter Moore has had a rough week to say the least, I’m sure he didn’t have this problem at EA sports. It has been well documented that transfers are out of his remit. Michael Edwards has taken the brunt of the blame on social media as sporting director transfers are in his role. But it has been highlighted by Jamie Carragher on Twitter that possibly someone else from LFC leaked Van Dijk’s interest in Liverpool. So do they deserve the sack? Or has the ship sailed now we are the current laughing stock of the Premier League.
So what next in this bizarre situation? Do we try and smooth things over with Southampton in hope we can secure a deal for Virgil? I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t want their club captain to stay if he doesn’t want to play for them. It appears they are trying to save face and protect their image of not being a selling club. While at the same time making Liverpool and Van Dijk look like absolute knobs. If we can make something happen and act appropriately to get this deal over the line then lets get it done!!
The alternatives worry me, we as fans are angry and embarrassed. So what does the rest of the league think of us? Not only do they know how much money we are prepared to spend but that we are clearly inept at dealing with transfers. Does that give them the right to take the piss out of us over dealings? No, but will it stop them?
Then there is the issue of who we sign instead. The thought of getting someone else and not Van Dijk turns my stomach. He was potentially the missing piece in our leaky defence. And arguably the best defender in the league. It’s like some asking you if you want a fry up or porridge for breakfast then someone taking your option of a fry up away. Not that there is anything wrong with porridge or Michael Keane. But you’ve got to think big.
Optimism tells me that this saga is far from over. If  and thats a big if, we somehow do get Van Dijk over the line can we please never deal with Southampton ever again. They have well and truly stitched us over here.
Reality on the other hand says just walk away and don’t do anymore damage to ourselves. This situation can only be rectified if we do get Van Dijk or if the club are ruthless in signing other players. The Mo Salah situation tells me that won’t happen either. I don’t think I will ever believe any transfer speculation until I see that yellow tape on Sky Sports News. Until then, everything is bullshit.
Let me know your thoughts on what we should do or what you would like to see.
Ross Chandley
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