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[FREE ARTICLE] So although the transfer window is not even open yet silly season is in full swing. To say this week has been a rollercoaster for Liverpool fans would be something of an understatement.
Iv’e recently discovered this week I may be slightly bipolar thanks to the Virgil Van Dijk transfer saga! It seemed a done deal earlier on Monday when news broke and without tempting fate, it still seems odds on. As ever, things are never straight forward with Liverpool. Southampton have decided to have a bitch fit and throw every toy they have out the pram. They wanted a bidding war with City and Chelsea and it appears our loyalty card represents fuck all at this point.
Anyway a similar thing has happened with Mo Salah, again he looked odds on and wants to join Liverpool. But theres been a snag trying to agree a fee with Roma.
It appears Klopp and Liverpool have found an alternative in Gelson Martins. Yeah, we’ve never heard of him either! So thanks to my in depth research and several attempts at google I will provide some information on the Sporting Lisbon winger. (There’s two things you didn’t know)
Before I do it is worth noting that as much as we are in talks with him there a several outcomes from this potential transfer. One is that we might be using him as a bargaining tool to shuffle the Mo Salah deal along. It’s been reported we have offered more money for Martins than the already rejected bid for Salah. It is also a possibility that Klopp may want both. One problem that was highlighted last season was Liverpool’s lack of depth. Here’s some copy and pasted stats;
Name: Gelson Martins
Current Team: Sporting CP
Full Name: Gelson Dany Batalha Martins
Shirt Number: 77
Attacking Midfielder (Right)
Age: 22 years old (11-05-1995)
Height: 174cm
Weight: 66kg
Nationality: Portugal
Liga NOS
Apps: 32
Goals: 6
Assists: 9
Yellow Cards: 6
From these stats you can see the pacy winger likes to attack and more importantly create chances. Arguably, another issue for Liverpool last season was other than Mane we didn’t really have anyone who could comfortably take on and beat 2/3 players. Something which we were crying out for in games against the ‘lesser’ teams. Anyway if you don’t believe me Youtube him and check out his montage, as everyone does on Youtube he looks decent.
This transfer does leave open a few debates. Would you rather have Salah? Or both? Would you not have him at all? And if we did, is the £30-40mil fee reasonable?
Let us know in the comments,
Ross Chandley
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