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Chris is joined by Lizzi Doyle, James Sutton and Emma Sanders for this week’s Podcast, where we discussed Lallana’s contract extension, childhood heroes and Summer transfer targets!

Warm Up Question: Brody Kiernan You can change the result of one game of football. What game do you change to alter history the most



Chris – How will 5 subs and a short pre season affect the chances of Harvey, Neco and Curtis towards the end of the season? Will Liverpool be in a stronger position because of this?


Emma –  Can you ever compare a footballer to your childhood hero?”

At BBC Sport, we’ve done a lot of nostalgic content during lockdown which has brought back memories of my childhood heroes. I can’t imagine another footballer coming along who would surpass them in my eyes. Even though there have probably been better players since. Is it hard to put players on the same pedestal as your childhood heroes? Does that get easier as you grow up/outgrow your heroes?

Lizzi –  Lallana going at the end of the season and why Klopp wants him to extend etc about his time here?


James –  If you could get one player in this summer, who and why? (No Mbappe)

Let’s narrow it down to players we can realistically afford(?) I’m gonna go with Harvey Barnes from Leicester.



Jamie Cubiss What is something kind that someone has done for you this week that has made you smile?

Clay Doty Go to drink from your younger years that you can stomach anymore?

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