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Ross – @rossic89

Well. I am emotionally spent. Isn’t it fucking mad how a bunch of fellas kicking a ball about can effect your mood? Not only that, but how quickly your mood can change.

Wolves was always going to be tough. They are a good, well respected side with a lot of talent and a good manager.

Losing Sadio was a sickener and it looked like things were getting worse as Wolves equalised. I was resigned to a draw. I thought we were pretty poor and I didn’t see where a winner was coming from. What the bloody fuck do I know, eh?

The word ‘settle’ does not live in the DNA of these players.

I’ve done a player ratings on YouTube which might be different to this. Ah well.

Alisson – 8

Made some bigs saves in that game as Wolves continued to get in behind and caused problems. A few occasions he was parrying ball and was under pressure from forwards but still got the job done. Not sure he could have done anything for the goal.

Trent – 7

Switch of play spot on as always but found himself targeted as Wolves overloaded their left hand side, which reduced Trent to seconds on the ball. They also got back in numbers which cut out passing channels.

Gomez  – 8

Pace is a really nice asset of Gomez and it shines in games like this. He had to pick up runners from deep, be aggressive and provide cover and support for Trent.

van Dijk – 8

I mean, what else do we say. I was in absolute shock when he gave the ball away in the second half. Shows how high his standards are. Like Joe he often found himself running back towards goal chasing runners with pace. Superb. Again.

Robbo – 7

Was up against Traore and he had his hands full. Not a criticism of Robbo but it prevents him playing his usual game. Unable to get forward and provide support which was made worse by Sadio going off so his word load just increased.

Hendo – 10

Not his best game in my opinion but my word, he was everywhere again. Delegating, motivating, leading by example and our best player for me. Had his name sung quite a few times. Rightly so.


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Gini – 7

Not his best game either but I’m being generous as I’m in a great mood. The middle of the park was pretty congested which normally suits Gini but it was also pretty erratic. Grew into the game and after it went to 1-1 he stepped up the press.

Ox – 6

As mentioned, it was just manic at times. He was guilty of giving the ball away, as were others. The surface was difficult and he had a tough task on his hands which he ended up helping Robbo.

Mane – 6

6 sounds bad. But he went off after half an hour so I can’t really comment on it.

Bobby – 9

Gave him a 9 in the video version and I probably shouldn’t have done. But I have ‘Bobby bias’. And he got the winner. Could have got one a few minutes earlier but it wasn’t to be. Shows the composure to tuck it away and bring home the 3 points.

Salah – 7

I love Mo. But I wish he would either work on his finishing or decision making sometimes. It’s easy for me to sit here at criticise him having missed them but we won so I won’t be too harsh. He takes defenders out of the game which creates space. The supply also wasn’t always on for him tonight so he suffered.


Minamino – 6


6 might seem harsh but he was kind of thrown into the deep end there. Could tell he wasn’t quite up to speed with tactics and where he needed to be. Tough game to come into. Made up to see him make his debut thought.

Fabinho – 7 

Provided some sort of stability and aura which in turn calmed things down a little. Glad to see him on the pitch.

Origi – N/A

Didn’t even see him come on! Was too busy celebrating. Wasn’t on long really though.

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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