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Bloody hell. Had these all written out with rage and sadness then Sadio Mané wins a pen and Milner makes our weekend and boils piss in the rest of the league!

We should have had that game done and dusted much earlier, we created loads of chances and just didn’t put the game to bed. It nearly cost us.

Fuck me. 8 out of 8. Top of the league.

Adrian – 7

Thought he was decent today to be honest, his distribution with both feet is exceptional. Gets points for telling Vardy to fuck off though. You could argue he could have done better for the goal.

Trent – 6.5

Had loads to do defensively today but still found time to get forward and create chances. Shame we didn’t make more of them count.

Lovren – 7

For all the fume and melt down before the game I thought Dejan had a good game. You have to remember he’s 4th choice at the moment. There won’t be many teams in the league that will have a 4th choice like him that will just come in and do a job.

van Dijk – 7

Should do better with his chance towards the end, if anyone puts away a free header it should be him. He and others restricted Leicester to a handful of chances and kept Vardy very quiet!

Robbo – 6.5 

Same as Trent – he’s a defender first and foremost and Leicester are an attacking side usually. He did his job well too, cut out opportunities and linked up well with Sadio as always. Wish he could shoot like Riise though!

Fabinho – 7

Considering he got a booking in the first half I thought he was exceptional. Still had to get stuck in and make crucial tackles in important areas. His passing was hit and miss at times but he’s still a joy to watch.


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Gini – 7

Goes about his work quietly – nothing flashy and nothing risky. Just sticks his arse out and protects the ball. Great defensively to protect Trent too.

Milner – 8

The guys a phenomenon. Another player questioned in the Twittershpere for being selected yet he pops up with a wonderful assist and a goal thats just made all our weekends. It’s almost like people should judge people after a game. Love him.

Bobby – 6.5

Created loads and even had a few chances himself. Usual impeccable work rate from Bobby today and it was fortunate it didn’t cost us. I bet the lad is absolutely goosed.

Salah – 6

Like others he created, found space and even rolled Lord Farquaad a few times, even put him on his arse. Looked like it was going to be one of them, just missed clinical finishing. He looked shattered, even before he got clattered.

Mane – 8

Well, lets start with that slidey in the first half shall we? Boss. Repeatedly found himself doing defensive duties. Not only that he did it well. Never gives up this lad and the penalty sums it up. Did he go down easy? Probably. Don’t give the ref the option. Our stand out player for me today.


Origi – N/A

Wasn’t on long enough to warrant a score!

Henderson – N/A

Wasn’t on long enough to warrant a score!

Lallana – N/A

Wasn’t on long enough to warrant a score!

Let me know your thoughts on the game below!

Ross – @rossic89

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